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“The Most Beautiful Equation in the Universe” has won the 1st prize on Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranking in the categories of Philosophy Aestheics, Nohfiction Philosophy and Mathematics!!


Jesu Noh’s Book “The Most Beautiful Equation in the Universe 0=∞=1 English edition” has been published.

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Effects of Overseas Expansion 2019 ー in California, USA

East Meets West: A Dignity Encounter IN BOSTON   [caption id="attachment_2183" align="aligncenter" width="750"] with Donna Hicks[/caption] Jesu Noh, the founder of nTech, finally held a dialog with Donna Hicks, a Professor at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University and the author of “Dignity”  (which is now being translated by NR Group). In their discussion, despite coming from two different cultures (Japan and the United States), they affirmed their shared interest in the importance of people to live as Dignity during this new era of artificial intelligence. From this meeting, they resolved to push the Dignity movement worldwide, starting from Japan.  [gallery link="none" size="medium" ids="2185,2186,2184"]   nTech Workshop Held IN SAN FRANCISCO   We held nTech workshop twice…