Now’s wayNoh’s WayNoh’s Wayとは Noh’s Way

What is Noh’s Way?

Noh’s Way is an innovative system of cognitive technology developed by Jesu Noh and his colleagues in order to elevate human cognitive ability up to a level of higher dimension.

As the unique world view of Steve Jobs has created smartphones and thus started the smart era, the effect of a single person’s imagination on the transformation of the whole world is immeasurable.

In the near future, where the progress of smartification and advancement of science and technology like IT and AI will be astonishing, transformative development of human beings themselves, who are the users of their own inventions, should be an inevitable calling of time.

With the basic principle of meta-cognition, which complements and elevates the fundamental problem of the brain’s cognitive function that Noh has discovered, Noh’s Way guides the world to the changes of not only individuals’ life styles, but also households, companies, cities, and nations, and even the paradigm shift of the modern civilization.

  • 1. Noh’s Way as a New Cognitive ScienceNoh’s Way makes the most essential ascension of our cognitive level possible with ninshiki (“cognition” in Japanese) technology.
    Noh’s Way is based on the ultimate principle working at the root of the natural world, which Noh discovered in 1996 in Fukuoka. It is constructed as an unconventional cognitive system which enables us to understand and use the principles of consciousness, the universe, and IT by a single image.
    In addition, Noh’s Way introduces how to start a new life style, in which we apply the image of the final theory in Western science and the Eastern world of enlightenment fused together by grasping the single essence that is common to mind, love, relationships, force, energy, and etc.
  • 2. Noh’s Way as a New Success ScienceWith its aspect as a new cognitive science at the foundation, Noh’s way also materializes the realistic path leading to the revolutionary changes at personal, family, corporate, civic, national, and civilizational levels.
    The conventional concept of success has been the pursuit of “height,” like money, status, and fame, centering on capitalistic values in the phenomenal world.
    With Noh’s Way, the future standard of success is going to be the state in which success of essential “depth” based on the world where “humans and the human universe do not exist” is already perfect and complete right here and right now.
    How the universe, or being, is created from non-being: Noh’s Way applies this elemental mechanism to design the transformative steps from individuals to the civilization, and proposes the roadmap to the world.