of Akira Aramaki

Founder of LGBT community “Over The Rainbow”
Mindome Instractor /Lecturer

“I believe nTech has
a key to make an ideal society
become a reality.”

Akira Aramaki in Fukuoka (2020)

Akira Aramaki,a 34-year-old transgender male could not find himself even after gender transformation.
By finding out what the real problem in LGBT,he started to create a society where people can accept diversity in true sense.

Stage I : Mismatch of life and spirit.

Elementary School(1998)

I was born as a “transgender” with the life (body) of female and with the spirit (gender identity) of male.

I tried expressing that I am male, but everyone around me treated me as female and forced me to be feminine. I felt alone because nobody listened to me.

Becoming an adolescent caused me to suffer more due to the gender problem.  I could not have good relationship with people, and I asked myself why I am living. I tried to commit suicide, but I failed. At the age of 15, realizing that I could not live by my own terms, die by my own terms, I decided to kill my spirit and accept living life as a female.

Stage Ⅱ: Live as Life(body)

High School(2004)

As I started living as female, my relationship with people was improved. I have got many friends and earned trust from teachers, which lead me to be a student council president.

While it looked good on the surface, but my heart was paralyzed.

I found out about the existence of transgenders when I was in high school.

Before learning that, I was always blaming myself for not being able to become feminine. Meeting transgender people saved my heart.

I started an LGBT awareness and support group on the Internet. My dream was to help people who have the same problem as I did, and to create a society where everyone can live as who they are and accept each other as they are.

I thought I had finally met people with whom I can truly connect as true self.

Stage Ⅲ : Live as Spirit(gender identity)

At the age of 27, I had surgery to be physically male. I became male in a family registry, and I thought I could finally live as male with confidence.

However, the original problem I had really did no#353575t go away.

I still had a fear of “Will people accept me?” and “What will people think of me when they hear the truth?”.#353575

In addition, I then sadly realized that even LGBT people argue and fight about gender problems within the community.

#353575Why can’t people understand each other? I was deeply disappointed not being able to live fully as I am, nor create a society where people accept each other.

Stage Ⅳ : Live as One

In the struggle to make my dream come true, I started learning about nTech (Ninshiki Technology/Perceptual Technology) from a recommendation of my friend at the age of 31 in 2016.


In nTech, all the “unique” individual identities, is in reality, just one.
Furthermore, I was told, “There is no male or female. There is no even existence,” and I was very confused because I had never heard of such a thing before.


It was shocking discovery for me because I believed that “It can’t be helped that people can’t understand each other because they are all different. “

However, by learning nTech deeply and practicing it, I clearly understand now that the reason why people cannot understand each over time is because of the restrictions of brain function.
It was nobody’s fault.
Furthermore, you can overcome this brain restriction by nTech.


In other words, I acknowledge that my dream world is achievable by people’s spirit controlling their brain completely.
This is how I started being active again for creating the dream world.

Everyone has their own unique identity composed of an intersectionality of many different identities of gender, politics, national origin, religion, etc..
Nobody doubts their own existence.
Not being able to get out of this perception creates more suffering than I have ever experienced.
I feel now that I am glad to be born as transgender.
Being transgender gave me unusual hardships, and because of that, I could encounter the problem of perception.


Not realizing that you have unlimited possibilities in yourself and living a life thinking your existence is just your body will result in denying yourself and others. You cannot build a healthy relationship with people.


By letting go of the world you know, even your own identity, all the borderline will be eliminated and you will understand that everything including yourself is an irreplaceable and unique existence. From there, all encounters will turn out to be touching.


What I want to create is the world where people with free perception use each of their abilities to the fullest and utmost extent for each other.
In other words, a society where people can accept diversity in its truest sense.


I believe nTech has a key to make this society become a reality.

Achivement in nTech


He thought it was impossible for people to accept each other’s difference with the assumption that everyone is different.

He was lost in life because he was not confident in decision making.


He understood that “Everything was one”, and became able to appreciate everyone by looking at the difference from the perspective by which everything is connected. He became confident in decision making and found his way in life. 

nTech Success Stories

nTech has been working with people freed from sufferings as a psychotherapist, recovered from a mental illnessrom meany different professions and age ranges to help them discover or rediscover their unique activities.

Here is what some participants have to say about their nTech experiences.

▼40s / Female / Psychotherapist

Freed from sufferings as a psychotherapist, recovered from a mental illness


● I studied psychology not only in Japan, but also in USA in order to get the qualification for being a trainer. However, many clients of mine returned to their original state and could not be cured completely. After spending so many sessions with so many clients, I realized the limitations and felt inadequacy of both psychology and myself.

●I thought I could be freed from all my problems if I became a psychotherapist, but in reality, I could not. I suffered with my concerns and never changed. In the end, I had a mental disorder and got trichotillomania, where I could not stop pulling my hair out.


●nTech is the last piece I needed in my psychology training

●My way of interacting with my clients has changed. Most of my clients now only need one treatment, and be cured perfectly.

●I could solve my own concerns, be freed from my problems, and be recovered from trichotillomania completely.

▼30s / Female / Mother with 3 children

Succeeded in losing 44lbs(20kg) of weight in 4 months


●I was not confident. I had felt uneasy and been worried how I could bring up my three children by myself and felt despair in my life.With those stresses, I overate and became overweight.

●I had no confidence in myself with my physical appearance, had terrible self-esteem, , and avoid interacting with other people.


●Because I could understand the mechanism and the fundamental problem of human beings, my perception toward my life, bringing up children, and education have changed. I can be freed from stresses and bring up children without any fears for the future.

●Because I can have confidence in myself and become active, lost 44lbs(20 kg) of weight in 4 months and my appearance changed a lot.


The partnership has improved with a shared vision


●We thought we had the same ideal and lifestyle values ​​of the partnership. But over time, we felt the differences in values ​​and had fewer conversations. We began to argue and started thinking about divorce.

●However, we were worried about living alone, so we compromised and endured each other to maintain our relationship.

●We were immersed in the work to distract us, but we felt lonely and the company was not running well.


●We became able to understand each other’s values ​​and recognized the differences.

●And we have a common vision, a vision of partnership and a sense of lifestyle values.

●We became indispensable partners and no longer considered divorce.

●From a common vision, we became good business partners, were able to advise each other on our projects, and managed well.

▼30s / Male / Manager

Sharing trust and vision allows for good team play. Company size also expanded.


●I have worked hard to make the company profitable, caring my employees.

●I want my employees to take the initiative to become a Teal organization, but the employees did not understand me and the relationship did not go well.

●As I worked harder, my relationship with the employees deteriorated and I became lonely.


●By learning nTech, I realized that my mission as a business owner was “to create dignity that is not criticized by anyone and to create an environment where people can work with peace of mind.”

●I was able to trust my employees and could be understood by them, and their collaboration was better.