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Jesu Noh

CEO of Peace Production Ltd.
South Korean Representative of the Japan-South Korea Vision Alliance
Founder of Kanjutsu (Hitotsu Studies)

Born in Daegu, South Korea, Jesu Noh received a master’s degree in biotechnology from Yeungnam University. After 20 years of training in martial arts and meditation, he got an international tai chi instructor license and started running a martial arts training school and an early childhood education company. In 1996, a year after moving to Fukuoka, Japan, he discovered the pattern of change common to all the beings in the universe, which he successfully translated into “Image Language.” Based on his discovery and invention, Noh created ninshiki (“cognition” in Japanese) technology and developed a body of theory called Kanjutsu in order to solve all the problems deriving from fixed perspectives. In 2007, he established an educational venture company, NR JAPAN Inc., and in 2011, Noh founded the Japan-South Korea Vision Alliance, representing the South Korea. Next year, the Kanjutsu Smart Training Program started in the mission of developing leaders for the next generation. With the launch of NR KOREA Inc. in South Korea in 2014, Noh’s mission has gone global and is ready to reach the whole world.

Books authored by Jesu Noh:
Ninshiki Revolution, Mind Motion Revolution (Volumes 1&2), Communication Revolution, School Revolution, National Revolution, Applying Prince Shotoku’s Seventeen Article Constitution to the Modern Age with Kanjutsu, Ascending the Value of Japan’s Spirit of Wa with Kanjutsu.
He has a Japanese wife, a daughter with Japanese nationality and a son with South Korean nationality.