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Explosion of Japan’s Real Strength: the Only Way to Save the Human Civilization

Happy New Year! The new sun of 2016 has now risen. This year’s energy of heaven is hinoe (丙), the energy of earth is saru (申), and the fifth elemental energies are fire and metal. Hinoe as the energy of heaven represents symbols like the sun, blast furnace, and magma, and saru as the energy of earth represents lumps of metal like cars. This disposition indicates a blast furnace melting metal to become a vessel. Metal also means a fruit and a seed, so we can say this year could be the year in which the energy of the sun as the will of heaven helps plants of earth bear fruits and create seeds. In 2016, projects carried out with…


From Where and How Will the Future Civilization Start?

In this time of global struggles for supremacy, deep feelings well up inside of me whenever I think about Japan and the future of post-war Japan and the Japan-South Korea relations. I used to wonder what the world and the two nations’ relationship would have been like today if Japan had won WWII. Since Japan lost the war, we have been taught to understand modern history and the world with the values defined by liberals and communists, the western winning powers. Going against the current, however, I have always tried to see modern history and the world from Japan’s point of view. Today’s society has been constructed with the philosophies of liberalism and communism preparing for militaristic wars, upon which those…


The Absolute Requirement for Japan’s Third Explosion

We, humankind, look for meanings and values of our own existence in the age we are living in and ways to live by them. We also find problems in everyday life and tasks of the times, as well as solutions for the tasks. In Japanese, deep thoughts leading to solutions are called “so-nen (想念),” and with further conviction, so-nen becomes a “belief (信念).” When a belief gets combined with universally convincing solutions and systematized into unshakeable will, it becomes a “philosophy.” Furthermore, what you gain from realizing various visions, values, targets, plans in deadly struggles is a “management philosophy,” and manuals based on actual practices of executives who follow their own management philosophies turn into a “guideline.” The constituents of today’s capitalistic…


Creating the Peaceful World by “Win-Win All-Win” Understanding of History

What are meanings and values of history for us? We tend to view history as a list of facts happened in the past, but from the viewpoint of the absolute truth, the real meaning of history has nothing to do with past events. Attaining an ascended perspective, which puts you in a position to analyze everything at your own will, brings you a new perception of history completely different from conventional ones. Depending on from what angle you look at things, history changes its form very easily, as your perception and analyses can flip what is right and wrong, or good and bad, and turn “facts” into “beliefs.” Your perspective in looking at history is a crucial key that decides…


Kanjutsu: the Development of the Human Brain and Sensitivity Unsurpassable by AI

Our life style today is standing on the modern civilization based on the 500 years of the agricultural revolution, 200 years of the industrial revolution, 30 years of the digital revolution, and the 10 years of the smart revolution. Throughout 5 million years of human history, we have faithfully protected a tradition in a sense, believing the accumulation of experience, knowledge, and technology will be the future engine for development. However, in this time of a big shift in the human civilization happening at a drastic speed, I think the more we accumulate experience, knowledge, and theories, the less free, loving, peaceful, forgiving, and joyful our mind becomes. Why does this happen? Humans used to expect the advancement of technologies…

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