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The New Way of Life and the Ninshiki OS in the Hyperconnection Age

Today’s society is called a hyper-connected society. Think what a connection can do; it has the power to change the world on the fundamental level. As a matter of fact, the internet, smartphones, Facebook and other social media have brought drastic changes incomparable with the changes brought by the traditional media, such as newspaper, TV, and magazines. Moreover, with the development of a total OS collecting all information and controlling all devices in the field of the Internet of Things, a gigantic hyper-connected lifestyle, in which everything is connected as one, will be the normal standard.

This trend is not a matter of coincidence. The universe is dominated as one under a single order called the law of gravitation. Then, it is natural human society should become a well-organized society unified by a single principle. We need to understand human history and civilization have a direction of growth heading toward unification. Why do we value sociality? Why do we establish orders of civilizations? The answer is we are wishing to be unified as one.

In Kanjutsu, we claim truth is the world where the fifth dimensional motion is the only entity. Looking at the emergences of today’s social media, smartphones, AI, and the Internet of Things from this point of view, it is easily understood why they had to happen. As our world of disconnected and complex reality was born from the world of truth, in which all is connected, it is natural for us to hope to be connected.

Then, if everything becomes linked and we can control our reality perfectly, would the society be a utopia? Or would it be a hell? What would people living in such society think of themselves?

With the Ninshiki (cognition) OS, Kanjutsu has realized the new educational revolution that upgrades the human cognitive function. Viewing the real world as a 3D computer screen, we explain reality is a mere result created with a programming language, or Image Language. Kanjutsu also offers a clear image of how the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions are related with one another. If you apply that image to your everyday life, you can live with the complete freedom of destroying and recreating the whole universe, along with the autonomy of dignity, self-motivation, creativity, and activeness, without being bound to conditions and surroundings in the real world.

Preparing for the coming of the hyper-connected age, the NR Group has created the education that leads people to a new lifestyle, in which they can live a fulfilling life as individuals with control ability over reality. Continuously improving this education and offering it to the world; it is the NR Group’s founding purpose.

Jesu Noh