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Kanjutsu: the Development of the Human Brain and Sensitivity Unsurpassable by AI

Our life style today is standing on the modern civilization based on the 500 years of the agricultural revolution, 200 years of the industrial revolution, 30 years of the digital revolution, and the 10 years of the smart revolution. Throughout 5 million years of human history, we have faithfully protected a tradition in a sense, believing the accumulation of experience, knowledge, and technology will be the future engine for development.

However, in this time of a big shift in the human civilization happening at a drastic speed, I think the more we accumulate experience, knowledge, and theories, the less free, loving, peaceful, forgiving, and joyful our mind becomes. Why does this happen?

Humans used to expect the advancement of technologies seen in smartphones would bring us an unprecedented amount of information and knowledge, leading to the improvement of communication and cooperative abilities. Nevertheless, the outcome was a number of lonely people who cannot communicate well with others and an increasing rate of depression and suicide.

On an everyday level, we tend to judge ourselves and others quite strictly and harshly. Also, many people do not know which way to go in their own lives. Being at a loss in the flood of information and too many models and standards for judgements to follow; I have to say this is where human beings are today.

The amount of compressed information and knowledge has already gone beyond the capacity human mind can hold. Anyone can get mental panics easily because it is hard to make proper judgements and decisions with the old standard based on the human body senses for receiving and organizing information.

Kanjutsu is the ninshiki (cognition in Japanese) technology and education that achieve the ninshiki revolution, which elevates the perspective at the basis of human functions, or the size of an acceptor for information and knowledge, from the level of body senses up to the level of mind senses.

With Kanjutsu, we have succeeded in developing a new mode of thinking by using an original language called Image Language.

This mode of thinking continuously upgrades human thinking function and nurtures a real human being who can make decisions independent from various “group clouds.” It means the birth of true individuality, which can advance the whole social structure and construct team play with shin-zen-bi (“the true, the good, and the beauty” in Japanese) and models of mutual cooperation.

The NR Group has been proposing the vision which realizes the society, nation, and civilization founded on dignity with individuals and relationships with mutual respect and dignity. We believe such grand scheme can be established through creating the system for transforming every individual into true being with keen mind senses, and founding great policies, systems, and organizations that trigger the explosion of infinite possibility innate in humans.

The advancement of technology seen in smartphones has brought us great benefits and convenience, but on the other side of the coin, it has produced a mass of people who are unable to think and react to anything only out of reflex. The new mode of thinking which Kanjutsu has been proposing to the world is the tool to materialize the society filled with minds of poets with the development of the brain and sensitivity, which AI cannot surpass.

Jesu Noh