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What’s Needed the Most for Building a Relationship of Trust

What is the most important thing to win people’s heart, inspire them, and build a relationship of trust? Some may say money in this capitalistic world. Some may say power, honor, fame, authority, and status, or knowledge and technics.

In Kanjutsu, we say treating people with attitude of genuine and true sincerity is the way. In order to do so, we need to understand people’s minds, and it requires a keen insight into true human nature and feelings. 

Kanjutsu leads people to the way to live a life as a real human being by mastering the human mind through zeroning humans and the human universe, and identifying oneself with the absolute world of Original Mind, the true self of all beings. If you master the mind, even if someone takes his or her negative emotions out on you, you can stay in the “realm of non-obstruction between phenomena (事事無碍法界)” in Buddhism, where you can love the person from the bottom of your heart.

All beings in this age are the members who are producing a grand orchestra together. When you obtain true sincerity, with which you can accept people who get jealous, be rude, or criticize and accuse you as a part of the beautiful orchestra, you can turn any relationships with anyone into those of dignity.

The whole universe is just a result of cognition based on the human body sense; however, is the sense the best and absolutely trustworthy standard in the first place? It is the common fact that with the human body sense, we cannot explain the fundamental ingredients, mechanisms, and purposes of the universe. Despite the fact, we are still dependent on the body sense as the fundamental standard for all perceptional and cognitive judgements.

This is what keeps human civilization on the level of immaturity, and we claim it is vital to learn a sense that supplements body sense in creating a great human culture and civilization where everyone can live as truth itself.

Image Language enables you to understand the order of cause and effect in both absolute and relative worlds. It explains and elevates the eastern cosmology of yin-yang and the five elements to not a branch of abstract philosophy but super science or a new future technology.

We hope to contribute to solving the various crises in this age by disseminating the meaning and value of our ninshiki (cognition) technology, Kanjutsu, which can supplement the limits of science and technology.

Jesu Noh