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The Cause of “the West as a Head, the East as a Tail”

Today, with the progress of science, many of what people used to think unscientific have been clarified scientifically and proven to be true.

The driving force for the changes in human history and civilizations is the denial of a so-called common sense by new viewpoints. For the last 19 years, I have been committing to sending out a certain fact, which should be unbelievable to many, to all the people in Japan as a cognitively reproducible technology and educational program. That fact is the new age has come: the age in which the notion that “the universe actually does not exist” becomes a standard.

I feel deeply moved when I think about how the world has changed in the last 19 years. We can say that we are in the countdown to the coming of the society of dignity, where its citizens can feel dignity itself and establish a new and beautiful age with good team play as the revolution of human cognition takes place.

Today is the age of aporia, a state of having no solution, with a wide range of problems, including disconnection, the gap between the rich and poor, evaporation of money, destruction of humanity, decline in thinking power, loss of motivation, global deflation, and employment crisis. There has been no breakthrough found for these problems yet. 

In order to exceed such limit we have today, it is vital to attain the wisdom of an insight into the whole picture from the outside of the 5 million years of human civilizations. Having that in mind, we are training people to be Japan’s true leadership models who can persuade every Japanese citizen with the nation’s concrete growth strategy and a principle of economic policy. Producing such human resources in large amounts; this is what our Kanjutsu Smart Training Program is all about. 

I have been claiming the breakthrough for solving the problems in this age of aporia should be found in the culture and civilization of Japan. This is not just my hopes and wishes, but is the result based on the principle of the universe, nature, history, and human civilization.

However, the current world is where the West is the head and Asia is the tail. How did this happen? Think about this; mathematics, physics, and economics were born in the West. Cars, airplanes, computers, and smartphones were invented in the West. The major professions such as doctors, accountants, lawyers, tax accountants are from the West. The industrial revolution and democratic revolution first happened in the West. And there is this repeated pattern of those things exported from the West to Asia.

Unless we find out the reason for this, there would be no chance for Asia to achieve Asia’s golden age and the Next Renaissance starting in the East.

The key to finding the reason is the Renaissance, and in order to understand why the Renaissance started in Europe, not in Asia, we need to look at the big proposition that had made the European society the birthplace of the revolutionary change in history.

The proposition is in the big difference between the concept of god in the West and the East. Compared to the obscurity of the Eastern gods believed to be everywhere in the nature, like winds, trees, and seas, the Western God is absolute. Based on the dichotomous way of thinking, God is the entity of unimaginable and untouchable with a clear line drawn between God and people. This ability to draw a line is the ability to define, which, in my opinion, resulted in the Renaissance and the following industrial and democratic revolutions, leading to the material civilization.

It is the same in the world of computers and IT; electric current flowing into semiconductors and the states of “on and off” make a variety of depictions possible.

We can say the ability to recognize a definite borderline has created the gap between the West and the East, or the head and the tail.

The Kanjutsu Smart Training Program offers not only a clear explanation for the root of the gap, but also the answer to why Japan succeeded in modernizing itself yet lost the war.

Kanjutsu and Image Language enable people to master the cognitive abilities both to draw a line and to zeronize the line, as well as to make it a habit. We are hoping to contribute to the society with our educational contents in this age heading toward unification.

Jesu Noh