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The Time for a Big Shift from the Cognition of “Being” to the Cognition of “Nonbeing”

As the whole universe is unified under the law of gravitation, the course of human history is bound be unified, as well. Knowing this basic premise helps us understand what society, history, progress, civilization, and dignity are. All the divisions, frictions, and conflicts among countries, races, companies, families, and individuals seem to indicate humanity is still on the level of a barbaric civilization. However, I claim once the ninshiki (cognition) revolution happens as the successor of the IT and smart revolutions, overcoming its predecessors’ limits, the course of history should head to the foundation of relationships with dignity, democracy with dignity, and a hyperconnected society.

Then, how will it be possible? Our ninshiki technology enables us to observe “right here and right now.” With this technology, we free people from the agony of the ninshiki disorder which prevents them from putting scattered puzzle pieces together. 

If you view things as matters or objects, you would see the world where the puzzle pieces are all disconnected. In Kanjutsu, we view all natural phenomena in the 13.7 billion-year-long history of the universe as one gigantic incident. Once you understand the mechanism of “being emerging from nonbeing,” you can cognize all matters as parts of the system of a big event.

The basic line is this world, or the world of being, is an illusion; the true and only entity is the mechanism that creates being from nonbeing, or the motion of Hitotsu, which means “one” in Japanese. The cognitive technology zeronizes humans and the human universe, making a dimensional ascension of perspectives, which is the absolute requirement for understanding there is only this motion of 1.

Simply put, Kanjutsu is all about bringing a historical shift in our most fundamental norm; today, we think humans and the human universe exist. In the age we are trying to create, not the being but nonbeing of humans and the human universe will be the new norm.

The followings are the three elements for succeeding in making the shift.

1. Image Language that reveals the relationships of the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions
2. Discovery of the four habits of the human brain cognition: the human brain recognizes only parts, recognizes only differences, connects everything with the past, and recognizes everything three-dimensionally.
3. Being able to have a clear image of the fifth dimensional motion that triggers the illusion of dividing boundaries, only “seem to exist,” out of the world with no boundaries. 

We need all the three elements to make humans and the human universe disappear.

For the creation of the new society and times, we need new technologies, products, occupations, and industries, and at the base of it should be unique educational contents and educators who can train people to be professionals who spread the cutting-edge knowledge, like Kanjutsu counselors, consultants, producers, and instructors.

Other than that, it is vital to have an ecological platform of knowledge that evolves continuously, as well as a win-win all-win dream, vision, goal, and plan common to all humankind, which can solve any problems and convince everyone in the world.

In the new society, we can realize relationships and democracy based on not divisions, frictions, and conflicts, but dignity by understanding the truth, which is there is only the unchanging motion of 1. With a mind clear and joyful right here and right now, let’s create the breakthrough for making the future society of hopes from Japan!

Jesu Noh