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The Entrepreneurs Leading the 21st Century’s Edunomics Age

Any new concepts and inventions take some time to penetrate people’s lifestyle thoroughly: 500 years for the agricultural revolution that increased stable food availability with the invention of fields, 200 years for the industrial revolution that introduced industrial products like cars and TV with the invention of engines, and 30 years for the IT revolution that made information editing and designing, as well as the use of computers, part of our everyday life. Furthermore, it took only eight years for the smart revolution that has turned smartphones indispensable tools in our life.

So now, the question is, what kind of revolution would come after the smart revolution?

For the new age coming after the smart revolution, the NR Group has developed the ninshiki (cognition) OS, or a digital cognitive system, that enables people to view the universe as a 3D computer screen and understand and explain the operating principles of the universe and human consciousness. With the invention of the OS, we are leading a paradigm shift from the age of science and technology to the age of the ninshiki technology, and from the being-based individualism to the ninshiki-based relationalism.

As the core of our vision, we are advocating the concept of edunomics, the fusion of education and economics brought by the ninshiki revolution. This is the way we are opening up; we are confident that this new concept is what the true Japanism is, which can complement the limits of Abenomics.

In the edunomics age, what would entrepreneurs leading the world need? The most important thing is the pursuit of systems for cost saving on an ultimate level and productivity improvement through upgrading human functions, as well as obtaining and selling contents convincing enough for anyone.

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, it is absolutely necessary to have creative strategies that maximize productivity and profitability. The essence of operating in the black is cost saving; in other words, a construction of a product making system that minimizes the expenses for manufacturing, selling, labor, and materials. Moreover, maintaining a continuous surplus requires economic resources that maximizes productivity. Understanding this point, we come to see the need for a new educational program, which upgrades human functions, maximizes team play, and makes employees experience the joy of working together.

This is where our educational program comes in. All the major professions like doctors, layers, and accountants are from Europe and the United States. Now, it is Japan’s turn to create professionals that everyone in the world aspires. We have been committing ourselves to the birth of professionals using absolute truth, 1, as a tool, like Kanjutsu consultants and lecturers.

Last year, NR KOREA, our base in South Korea, started, and we are setting up offices in the United States, Hong Kong, and China soon. We are sincerely thankful to all the supports and encouragements given to us for making our progress possible.

Jesu Noh