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Explosion of Japan’s Real Strength: the Only Way to Save the Human Civilization

Happy New Year!
The new sun of 2016 has now risen.

This year’s energy of heaven is hinoe (丙), the energy of earth is saru (申), and the fifth elemental energies are fire and metal. Hinoe as the energy of heaven represents symbols like the sun, blast furnace, and magma, and saru as the energy of earth represents lumps of metal like cars.

This disposition indicates a blast furnace melting metal to become a vessel. Metal also means a fruit and a seed, so we can say this year could be the year in which the energy of the sun as the will of heaven helps plants of earth bear fruits and create seeds. In 2016, projects carried out with wishes of people reflecting the will of heaven will produce fruit after a long period of continuous actions with complete dedication.

Let us look at where the world is standing in 2016. Humans are facing crises of education, economy, and politics deriving from the limit of lifestyle not even close to the truth. As people’s lives are bound by no goals and no plans based but only chance factors and imitating others, the misery, cruelty, humiliation, and a sense of shame among people have been accelerating.

In order to explode seeds of hope in the hopeless sea, we need revolutionary surgery of people’s motivation, as well as the absolute truth itself and development of innovative technology based on the absolute truth.

We also need sustainable connections of work flow to circulate excellent skills, services, and goods and endless cross-interaction with markets. Plus, it is vital to have challenges of future power’s leadership, strongly supportive followership, and organized systems with activeness and flexibility to react anything instantly.

I am strongly convinced Japan is the civilization to make a breakthrough of this global crisis, and an explosion of Japan’s real strength will be the only way for the whole humankind on earth to survive.

The third explosion of Japan will kick off the Asian Renaissance and infinitely ascend Asia’s pride and dignity, ultimately leading to the completion of the Next Renaissance, which even western powers will join in.

The Japanese spirit of 和心, the mind of compassion or peaceful cooperation, a sensitive mind that recognizes the aesthetics of wabi-sabi, Japanese sense of beauty within simplicity, will strongly open up the “era of the mind.”

2016 and 2017 are the times when the sensitive wisdom of Japan’s leadership complementing the American-style leadership can demonstrate its full strength without restrain.

I am hoping to make 2016 the most wonderful year ever with you all.

Jesu Noh