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The Absolute Requirement for Japan’s Third Explosion

We, humankind, look for meanings and values of our own existence in the age we are living in and ways to live by them. We also find problems in everyday life and tasks of the times, as well as solutions for the tasks.

In Japanese, deep thoughts leading to solutions are called “so-nen (想念),” and with further conviction, so-nen becomes a “belief (信念).” When a belief gets combined with universally convincing solutions and systematized into unshakeable will, it becomes a “philosophy.”

Furthermore, what you gain from realizing various visions, values, targets, plans in deadly struggles is a “management philosophy,” and manuals based on actual practices of executives who follow their own management philosophies turn into a “guideline.”

The constituents of today’s capitalistic society are the business organizations with their original philosophies and guidelines vertically and horizontally integrated, which create an ideal model of team play and cooperation like a constantly developing life-form.

From this point of view, among various kinds of organizations, including business enterprises, religious groups, and political parties, I believe business enterprises having gone through harsh competitions are the collective bodies with great traditions.

Looking at organizations by the universe’s mechanism of beings emerging from non-beings, creating a meta-organization, which never ceases to evolve, requires nothing but an ultimate unity of leadership and followership based on complete equality in terms of will to achieve the same goal.

I see Japan has experienced such leadership and followership under the rule of Hideyoshi Toyotomi and the era of Meiji Emperor. I am certain Japan is going to see the third wave of such unity triggering the explosion of the nation’s real strength.

Japan’s third explosion will result in the Next Renaissance, or the Asian Renaissance, bringing the third explosion of wisdom on a global level preceded by the first one in the times of Buddha, Kongzi, and Socrates, and the second one in the times of Newton, Descartes, and Adam Smith.

The key to Japan’s third explosion is perfect unity deriving from the ever-unchanging absolute world of HITOTSU. Japan needs to be a collective of people and relationships full of dignity and to create the sea of perfect equality giving birth to a powerful leadership.

After WWII, Japan has allowed itself to keep having the boss-and-his-henchman relationship with the United States as its superstructure. However, for the last 20 years, I have been claiming Japan has the mission to take a leadership to save the world by ending such relationship with the US and achieve the ninshiki (cognition in Japanese) revolution.

If you are interested in my messages, it will be my pleasure if you get to know Kanjutsu, our original technology and education for the future.

Jesu Noh