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Creating the Peaceful World by “Win-Win All-Win” Understanding of History

What are meanings and values of history for us?

We tend to view history as a list of facts happened in the past, but from the viewpoint of the absolute truth, the real meaning of history has nothing to do with past events.

Attaining an ascended perspective, which puts you in a position to analyze everything at your own will, brings you a new perception of history completely different from conventional ones.

Depending on from what angle you look at things, history changes its form very easily, as your perception and analyses can flip what is right and wrong, or good and bad, and turn “facts” into “beliefs.” Your perspective in looking at history is a crucial key that decides everything, even your thoughts, emotions, words, behavior, and relationship-building.

I think people and people’s lives are like bows and flying arrows. Imagine that people are flying arrows, which do not know where they have come from and where they are going. What decides the speeds, directions, and targets or purposes of the arrows is the understanding of history in each person’s head.

In order to live truly happily and peacefully, it is vitally crucial to zeronize your universe, history, civilization, and spirit of the era, and become free from the “world you know.” In other words, it means to reset your mind all the time to the absolute world of HITOTSU, or the completeness of ignorance, no meaning, and no value.

I am saying this because only when do you zeronize everything, you can clearly see where the arrow has been released, and for what and where it should be heading to.

When you arrive at the zeronized state, you will be able to build beautiful team play and cooperation based on mutual acceptance of each other’s dignity and deep trust without ignoring and judging others, being blinded by analyses of differing perspectives.

Through meta-perspective and meta-cognition beyond human five senses dominated by the brain, we can create a peaceful world based on win-win all-win understanding of history that nobody can deny.

The function to reset and free people from the “world of know,” which surpasses the limit of any existing languages we have ever invented; it is the value of Kanjutsu’s Image Language that simply explains and organizes the relationships between the absolute truth and relative truth.

Jesu Noh